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Synthesis and properties of carminomycinone derivatives

  title={Synthesis and properties of carminomycinone derivatives},
  author={Olsuf'eva En and Povarov Ls},
: The possibility of chemical modification of carminomycinone-aglycone (II) of carminomicin, a side product in the antibiotic production was studied. The methyl group C-14 was functionilized by introducing the bromine atom and performing a number of exchange reactions with the bromine atom. It was found that under definite conditions (1. 1 equiv. Br2in dioxane, 20 degrees, 24 hours) carminomycinone (II) was subjected to selective bromination into the side acetyl group with formation of 14… Expand
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Synthesis of novel analogues of anthracycline antibiotics containing a branched-chain sugar 4-epi-L-vancosamine
Abstract Novel semisynthetic analogues of anthracycline antibiotics containing a branched aminosugar 4-epi-L-vancosamine have been prepared.
Antitumor antibiotic carminomycin.
  • G. F. Gause
  • Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Mikrobiologie
  • 1980