Synthesis and properties of calcium sulphoaluminate using fluidised-bed boiler ash

  title={Synthesis and properties of calcium sulphoaluminate using fluidised-bed boiler ash},
  author={S. Na and Myongshin Song and S. Kang and S. Lee and K. Kim},
  journal={Materials Research Innovations},
  pages={S8-779 - S8-783}
Abstract Various shrinkage-reducing agents and expansive admixtures have been developed to decrease the drying shrinkage of concrete at construction sites. However, concrete with added shrinkage-reducing agents has been reported to exhibit low frost resistance and low compressive strength during the early curing stages. It is possible to use an expansive admixture such as the K-type additive, composed of calcium sulphoaluminate, which contains an alumina source such as bauxite. Here, we develop… Expand
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