Synthesis and optical properties of aqueous soluble indolylfulgimides.

  title={Synthesis and optical properties of aqueous soluble indolylfulgimides.},
  author={Xi Chen and Nadezhda I Islamova and S. A. P{\'e}rez Garc{\'i}a and Jessica A Digirolamo and Watson J. Lees},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={74 17},
Three novel aqueous soluble fulgimides, trifluoromethyl carboxylic acid indolylfulgimide 4, dicarboxylic acid indolylfulgimide 5, and carboxylic acid indolylfulgimide 6, were synthesized. Both 4 and 5 can switch back and forth between open and closed forms upon illumination with specific wavelengths of light, whereas 6 can only switch from the closed form… CONTINUE READING