Synthesis and microstructural analysis of Si3N4 nanorods.

  title={Synthesis and microstructural analysis of Si3N4 nanorods.},
  author={Yihua Gao and Yoshio Bando and Keiji Kurashima and Takahiro Sato},
  journal={Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada},
  volume={8 1},
Alpha-Si3N4 nanorods with 20-80 nm width were synthesized by carbothermal reduction of SiO with amorphous activated carbon (AAC) as a reductant. Microstructural characterization of the synthesized nanorods was carried out by high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and energy dispersive X-ray analysis. Many Si3N4 nanorods were found to be… CONTINUE READING