Synthesis and investigation of viral-inhibitory activity of nitrogen-containing derivatives of adamantane


N?[l-Methoxycarbonyl-2-(8-quin01yl)ethyl]-DL-alany!-L-proline (II). This compound was similarly obtained from 0.28 g (1.5 mmole) of IV, 0.83 g (3.6 mmole) of B-(8-quinolyl)-aalanine methyl ester, 2.5 g of molecular sieves, and 0.12 g (1.92 mmole) of NaCNBH 3 in 5 ml of THF. The residue obtained after removal of the molecular sieves by filtration and… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00772005


2 Figures and Tables

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