Synthesis and expression of RNase T1 gene.

  title={Synthesis and expression of RNase T1 gene.},
  author={Morio Ikehara and Eiko Ohtsuka and S. Uesugi and T Kikyodani and Yuri Aoyama and Tohru Tokunaga and Kenzo Fujimoto},
  journal={Nucleic acids symposium series},
In order to obtain knowledges about structure-function relationship of ribonuclease T1, we synthesized a structural gene for RNase T1 and several its modified genes. Using amino acid codons frequently used in Escherichia coli we designed genes consist of 328 X 2 bases. Synthesis of oligodeoxynucleotides with 9-20 base lengths was performed by 1% polystyrene supported triester approach and resulting 42 oligomers were joined together using T4 DNA ligase. The product was analyzed and utilyzed to… CONTINUE READING