Synthesis and cytotoxicity of bidesmosidic betulin and betulinic acid saponins.

  title={Synthesis and cytotoxicity of bidesmosidic betulin and betulinic acid saponins.},
  author={Charles Gauthier and Jean Legault and Serge Lavoie and Simon Rondeau and Samuel Tremblay and Andr{\'e} Pichette},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={72 1},
The naturally occurring cytotoxic saponin 28-O-beta-d-glucopyranosylbetulinic acid 3beta-O-alpha-l-arabinopyranoside (3) was easily synthesized along with seven bidesmosidic saponins starting from the lupane-type triterpenoids betulin (1) and betulinic acid (2). As highlighted by the preliminary cytotoxicity evaluation against A549, DLD-1, MCF7, and PC-3 human cancer cell lines, the bidesmosidic betulin saponin 22a, bearing alpha-l-rhamnopyranoside moieties at both C-3 and C-28 positions, was… CONTINUE READING
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