Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of pentacyclic triterpenoid sulfamates.

  title={Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of pentacyclic triterpenoid sulfamates.},
  author={Sven Sommerwerk and Lucie Heller and Ren{\'e} Csuk},
  journal={Archiv der Pharmazie},
  volume={348 1},
Methyl triterpenoates derived from oleanolic, ursolic, betulinic, glycyrrhetinic, platanic, or maslinic acid were converted into their corresponding sulfamates and carbamoylsulfamates. The sulfamates were screened in photometric sulforhodamine assays for cytotoxic activity employing several human tumor cell lines. Many of the compounds showed EC50 values in one-digit μM concentration. Of special interest seems methyl (3β) 3-(aminosulfonyloxy)-11-oxo-oleanoate (18) showing good cytotoxicity for… CONTINUE READING