Synthesis and chemical reactions of the steroidal hormone 17α-methyltestosterone

  title={Synthesis and chemical reactions of the steroidal hormone 17$\alpha$-methyltestosterone},
  author={El‐Sayed I. El‐Desoky and Mahmoud Reyad and Elsayed M. Afsah and A. M. Dawidar},
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Synthesis and Chemical Reactions of the Steroidal Hormone 17α-Methyltestosterone.
A review of literature is presented on the chemistry of the steroidal hormone 17α-methyltestosterone that is approved by Food and Drug Administration in the United States as an androgen for estrogen-androgen hormone replacement therapy treatment and the analog offers special possibilities for the prevention/treatment of hormone-sensitive cancers.
Benign Synthesis of Thiazolo-androstenone Derivatives as Potent Anticancer Agents.
An unprecedented reaction of thiourea derivatives with 6β-bromoandrostenedione has been discovered for the formation of aminothiazolo-androstenones via a simple, safer, cascade protocol that enables
Synthesis of steroid bearing heterocyclic derivatives and biological activity. Review 2014-2020
An outline of the literature reports (2014-2020) of synthesis heterocyclic compounds for steroid molecules fused at rings-A or B or D of steroid skeleton or annealed is described.
Highly Regioselective and Stereoselective Biohydroxylations of Oxandrolone
Efficient hydroxylations of the steroidal anabolic-androgenic lactone, oxandrolone, in the cultures of three strains of fungi indicate that these strains offer a new way to generate steroidal Hydroxylactones with potential pharmaceutical interest.
Hexafluoroisopropanol-Mediated Domino Reaction for the Synthesis of Thiazolo-androstenones: Potent Anticancer Agents
A cascade reaction of thioamides with 6β-bromoandrostenedione in hexafluoroisopropanol formed substituted thiazolo-androstenones, which are potent growth inhibitors of colon, central nervous system, melanoma, ovarian, and renal cancer cell lines with 50% growth inhibition values as low as 1.04 μM.
Reactivity of steroidal 1-azadienes toward enamines: an approach to novel chiral penta- and hexacyclic steroids.
Interestingly, the studied steroidal scaffolds follow a different mechanistic pathway with cyclic ketones, which undergo a diastereoselective annulation reaction, under enamine catalysis, affording chiral hexacyclic steroids.
Designed synthesis of “L” shaped 17-halo-aryl-ethynyl steroids
Thirteen steroidal derivatives were synthesized through a Sonogashira cross-coupling reaction which has been found to be an excellent synthetic strategy to introduce halo-aromatic groups into
General Enantioselective and Stereochemically Divergent Four-Stage Approach to Fused Tetracyclic Terpenoid Systems.
Tetracyclic terpenoid-derived natural products are a broad class of medically relevant agents that include well-known steroid hormones and related structures, as well as more synthetically


Contragestational agents. 1. Steroidal O-aryloximes.
One of the most active compounds in the series was shown to have the ability to terminate pregnancy, when orally administered to rats at 2.5 mg/kg on days 9-12 of gestation, and was found to be devoid of androgenic activity at this dose level.
Steroids and Steroidases. XI. Synthetic Approaches to C-17 Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-amino Compounds as Potential Precursors of 17-Hydroxyandrostane Nitrogen Mustards
The synthesis of some potential nitrogen mustard precursor 17α-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)aminomethyl androst-17β-ol derivatives has been achieved by two routes. During the investigation, unequivocal proof...