Synthesis and characterization of a series of (hydroperoxo)-, (alkylperoxo)-, and (mu-peroxo)palladium complexes containing the hydrotris(3,5-diisopropylpyrazolyl)borato ligand (Tp(iPr2)): (Tp(iPr2))(py)Pd-OO-X [X = H, t-Bu, Pd(Tp(iPr2))(py)] and (Tp(iPr2))(py)Pd-(mu-kappa(1):kappa(2)-OO)-PdTp(iPr2).


Dehydrative condensation of the hydroxopalladium complex (Tp(iPr2))(py)Pd-OH (1) with hydroperoxides (XOOH: X = H, t-Bu) produces the corresponding (hydroperoxo)-, (Tp(iPr2))(py)Pd-OOH (2a), and (tert-butylperoxo)palladium complexes, (Tp(iPr2))(py)Pd-OOBu(t) (3). Treatment of 2a with PPh(3) results in concomitant ligand displacement giving (Tp(i)(Pr2))(Ph(3… (More)


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