Synthesis and characterisation of Dewar benzene-ferrocene conjugates.

  title={Synthesis and characterisation of Dewar benzene-ferrocene conjugates.},
  author={Step{\'a}nka Jankov{\'a} and Ivana C{\'i}sařov{\'a} and Filip Uhl{\'i}k and Petr {\vS}těpni{\vc}ka and Martin Kotora},
  journal={Dalton transactions},
The first Dewar benzene-ferrocene conjugates were synthesised by the reaction of tetraalkylcyclobutadiene-AlCl(3) complexes with 3-ferrocenylpropynoates. Owing to extensive delocalisation, these conjugates feature unusually high thermal and chemical stability, rearranging to their corresponding phenylferrocenes (benzenes) under forcing microwave irradiation conditions.