Synthesis and biological activity of 1-aminomethyl-3,3-diaryl-2-oxoindolines

  title={Synthesis and biological activity of 1-aminomethyl-3,3-diaryl-2-oxoindolines},
  author={Valeriy V. Bolotov and V. V. Drugovina and S. M. Drogovoz and L. V. Yakovleva and A. I. Bereznyakova},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal},
R----H, R*---R2---C=Hs; Illb :Ar = CoH~CHs-P, R ---H, NR1R = -~ N(CHt)5; IIIe: Ar ---Coils, R = H, R 1 ---R 2 ---C2H~; IIId:Ar = Cells, R ---H, NR1R ~ = N(CH2h; I I I e : A r = C6H5, R = CHa, R z---R 2=C~H5; I I I f : Ar---C~H4CHa-P, R ---5 -= Br, NR*R = = N(CH2)5; I I I g : Ar ---C6H4CHaP, R = H, R i = R = = CHa; III11: Ar = C6H5, R ---CHACO, NR1R 2 ----N… CONTINUE READING

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