Synthesis and binding affinity of an iodinated juvenile hormone.

  title={Synthesis and binding affinity of an iodinated juvenile hormone.},
  author={Glenn D. Prestwich and William S. Eng and Sylvia Robles and Richard G. Vogt and Jacek R. Wisniewski and Czesław Wawrzeńczyk},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={263 3},
The synthesis of the first iodinated juvenile hormone (JH) in enantiomerically enriched form is reported. This chiral compound, 12-iodo-JH I, has an iodine atom replacing a methyl group of the natural insect juvenile hormone, JH I, which is important in regulating morphogenesis and reproduction in the Lepidoptera. The unlabeled compound shows approximately 10% of the relative binding affinity for the larval hemolymph JH binding protein (JHBP) of Manduca sexta, which specifically binds natural… CONTINUE READING
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