Synthesis and base pairing studies of geranylated 2-thiothymidine, a natural variant of thymidine.

  title={Synthesis and base pairing studies of geranylated 2-thiothymidine, a natural variant of thymidine.},
  author={Rui Wang and Srivathsan Vembanur Ranganathan and Maria Basanta-Sanchez and Fusheng Shen and Alan A Chen and Jia Sheng},
  journal={Chemical communications},
  volume={51 91},
The synthesis and base pairing of DNA duplexes containing the geranylated 2-thiothymidine have been investigated. This naturally existing hydrophobic modification could grant better base pairing stability to the T-G pair over normal T-A and other mismatched pairs in the duplex context. This study provides a potential explanation for the different codon recognition preferences of the geranylated tRNAs. 
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