Synthesis and application of a new cleavable linker for "click"-based affinity chromatography.

  title={Synthesis and application of a new cleavable linker for "click"-based affinity chromatography.},
  author={Felicetta Landi and Conny M. Johansson and Dominic J. Campopiano and Alison N Hulme},
  journal={Organic & biomolecular chemistry},
  volume={8 1},
A new chemically-cleavable linker has been synthesised for the affinity-independent elution of biomolecules by classical affinity chromatography. This azo-based linker is shown to couple efficiently with "click" derivatised ligands such as biotin propargyl amide through a copper(I)-catalysed Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction. Binding to Affi-Gel matrices displaying ligands coupled to the new linker is both efficient and selective. The captured material may be readily released from the… CONTINUE READING

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