Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of sulfonated amino ribofuranans.

  title={Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of sulfonated amino ribofuranans.},
  author={Byoung Won Kang},
  journal={Archives of pharmacal research},
  volume={26 6},
New sulfonated amino ribofuranans were synthesized to elucidate the relationship between structure and specific biological activities such as anti-HIV and blood anticoagulant activities. The synthesis was performed by sulfonation of copolymers having various proportion of (1 --> 5)-alpha-D-ribofuranosidic unit. The sulfonation with piperidine N-sulfonic acid produced the sulfonated amino ribofuranans in high yield. The anti-HIV activity of sulfonated 3-amino-3-deoxy-(1 --> 5)-alpha-D… CONTINUE READING