Synthesis and absolute configuration of demethyl (C-11) cezomycin.


The synthesis of (-)-demethyl (C-11) cezomycin was achieved through an efficient route that features the use of a Kulinkovich reaction to couple two multifunctionality-containing fragments and a cascade of ring opening of cyclopropanol/1,5-hydrogen shift/desilylation-oxidation. The hidden yet undeniable problem of irreproducible specific rotation for this… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/asia.201300623


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@article{Li2013SynthesisAA, title={Synthesis and absolute configuration of demethyl (C-11) cezomycin.}, author={Shao-Gang Li and Yikang Wu}, journal={Chemistry, an Asian journal}, year={2013}, volume={8 11}, pages={2792-800} }