Synthesis and Tribological Properties of WSe2Nanorods


The WSe2 nanorods were synthesized via solidstate reaction method and characterized by X-ray diffractometer, TEM, and HRTEM. The results indicated the WSe2 compounds had rod-like structures with diameters of 10–50 nm and lengths of 100–400 nm, and the growth process of WSe2 nanorods was discussed on the basis of the experimental facts. The tribological properties of WSe2 nanorods as additives in HVI500 base oil were investigated by UMT-2 multispecimen tribotester. Under the determinate conditions, the friction coefficient of the base oil containing WSe2 nanorods was lower than that of the base oil, and decreased with increasing mass fraction of WSe2 nanorods when it was \7 wt.%. Moreover, the base oil with the additives was rather suited to high load and high rotating speed. A combination of rolling friction, sliding friction, and stable tribofilm on the rubbing surface could explain the good friction and wear properties of WSe2 nanorods as additives.

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