Synthesis and Stability of Two-Dimensional Ge/Sn Graphane Alloys

  title={Synthesis and Stability of Two-Dimensional Ge/Sn Graphane Alloys},
  author={Maxx Q. Arguilla and Shishi Jiang and Basant Chitara and Joshua E Goldberger},
There has been considerable interest in the germanium and tin graphane analogues due to their potential as optoelectronic building blocks, and novel topological materials. Here, we have synthesized for the first time alloyed germanium/tin graphane analogues from the topochemical deintercalation of CaGe2–2xSn2x (x = 0–0.09) in aqueous HCl. In these two-dimensional alloys, the germanium atom is terminated with hydrogen while tin is terminated with hydroxide. With greater tin incorporation, the… CONTINUE READING

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