Synthesis and Properties of NASICON-type LATP and LAGP Solid Electrolytes.

  title={Synthesis and Properties of NASICON-type LATP and LAGP Solid Electrolytes.},
  author={Rachel DeWees and Hui Wang},
Inorganic solid electrolytes play a critical role in all-solid-state Li batteries achieving high safety and high energy densities. The synthesis approaches for solid electrolytes are important for both fundamental research and practical applications. Li1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3 (LATP) and Li1+xAlxGe2-x(PO4)3 (LAGP) are two representative solid electrolytes with Na superionic conductor (NaSICON) structure. Here in, we reviewed LATP and LAGP solid electrolytes from the synthesis perspective, and… 

Low-cost and facile synthesis of LAGP solid state electrolyte via a co-precipitation method

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Double-Protected Layers with Solid-Liquid Hybrid Electrolytes for Long-Cycle-Life Lithium Batteries.

This study reports an approach that can protect solid electrolytes from lithium metal instability and dripped an LE at the LATP/electrode interface (solid-liquid hybrid electrolytes) to reduce its interface impedance.

Metal–organic frameworks and zeolite materials as active fillers for lithium-ion battery solid polymer electrolytes

The efforts to decarbonize the economies, with particular focus on renewable energies, must be accompanied by the development of more efficient and environmentally friendlier energy storage systems.

The Impact of Inter-grain Phases on the Ionic Conductivity of LAGP Solid Electrolyte Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering

Li 1.5 Al 0.5 Ge 1.5 (PO 4 ) 3 (LAGP) is a promising oxide solid electrolyte for all-solid-state batteries due to its excellent air stability, wide electrochemical stability window and cost-effective



New Class of LAGP-Based Solid Polymer Composite Electrolyte for Efficient and Safe Solid-State Lithium Batteries.

High mechanical strength and stable solid electrolyte interphase which suppressed the growth of lithium dendrites and high thermal safety stability can be observed, indicating the promising potentials of using this type of electrolyte to develop high safety and high energy density solid-state lithium batteries.

Rapid and Economic Synthesis of a Li7PS6 Solid Electrolyte from a Liquid Approach.

This work reports a new and rapid liquid-based synthetic method for preparing a high-purity Li7PS6 solid electrolyte through the stoichemical reaction of Li3PS4 and Li2S, relying on facile and low-cost solution-based soft chemistry to complete chemical reaction in extensively short time.

New horizons for inorganic solid state ion conductors

Among the contenders in the new generation energy storage arena, all-solid-state batteries (ASSBs) have emerged as particularly promising, owing to their potential to exhibit high safety, high energy

Stabilizing the Interface of NASICON Solid Electrolyte against Li Metal with Atomic Layer Deposition.

It is proposed that atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating on LATP surfaces is able to stabilize the LATP/Li interface by reducing the side reactions, and the results suggest that ALD is very effective in improving solid-state electrolyte/electrode interface stability.

Germanium Thin Film Protected Lithium Aluminum Germanium Phosphate for Solid‐State Li Batteries

Solid‐state Li batteries using Na+ superionic conductor type solid electrolyte attracts wide interest because of its safety and high theoretical energy density. The NASCION type solid electrolyte

Mechanism of Formation of Li7P3S11 Solid Electrolytes through Liquid Phase Synthesis

Crystalline Li7P3S11 is a promising solid electrolyte for all solid-state lithium/lithium ion batteries. A controllable liquid phase synthesis of Li7P3S11 is more desirable than conventional