Synthesis and Fungicidal Activity of 6-Alkyl Six-membered Cyclic Thiophosphates.

  title={Synthesis and Fungicidal Activity of 6-Alkyl Six-membered Cyclic Thiophosphates.},
  author={Shinkichi Tawata and Shu Taira and H Kikizu and N. Kobamoto and Masanobu Ishihara and Seizen Toyama},
  journal={Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry},
  volume={61 12},
Synthesis and fungicidal activities of new 6-aIkyl six-membered cyclic phosphates were examined. Ten kinds of 6-alkyl six-membered cyclic thiophosphates were synthesized by reaction with 5-alkyl-2-hydroxybenzyl alcohols and phosphoric agents. Among the prepared compounds, 2-ethoxy-6-elhyl-4H-1,3,2-benzodioxaphosphorin 2-sulfide (1) had activity as potent as the commercial fungicide iprobenfos against Pythium sp. and Corticium rolfsii at 10ppm. 

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