Synthesis and Doxycycline Release Profiles from CDHA Microspheres

  title={Synthesis and Doxycycline Release Profiles from CDHA Microspheres},
  author={Sunita Prem Victor and T. S. Sampath Kumar},
Doxycyclin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, utilized in the treatment of juvenile periodontitis. Bone minerals are essentially calcium deficient hydroxyapatite (CDHA), which is compositionally similar to tricalcium phosphate (TCP) and structurally similar to stoichiometric hydroxyapatite (HA). The CDHA is more soluble and more efficient in inducing bone like apatite than HA. The CDHA powder of Ca/P ratio 1.61 was prepared by microwave processing The CDHA microspheres of desired morphology were… CONTINUE READING