Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrrolo(2,3-f) Indole-3,7-Dicarbonitriles

  title={Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrrolo(2,3-f) Indole-3,7-Dicarbonitriles},
  author={Ahmed Ali Hammam and Mona A Abdel-Rahman and Abdel-Rahman A. Hassan and Osamaa M. Younis},
Diamino-4,8-dioxo-1,4,5,8-tetrahydropyrrolo(2,3-f)indole- 3,7-dicarbonitrile derivatives (5a-g) were prepared by treatment of chloranil with two equivalents of malononitrile in presence of a basic catalyst given dimalononitrile derivative 3, and the latter reacts with two equivalents of a series of primary aromatic or aliphatic amines bearing different substituents in the para position. The resulting compounds were characterized by elemental and spectral analyses. In addition, the biological… CONTINUE READING

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