Synthesis and 11C-Radiolabelling of 2-Carboranyl Benzothiazoles.

  title={Synthesis and 11C-Radiolabelling of 2-Carboranyl Benzothiazoles.},
  author={Kiran Babu Gona and Jaya Lakshmi V N P Thota and Zuri{\~n}e Baz and Vanessa G{\'o}mez-Vallejo and Jordi Llop},
  volume={20 5},
Dicarba-closo-dodecaboranes, commonly known as carboranes, possess unique physico-chemical properties and can be used as hydrophobic moieties during the design of new drugs or radiotracers. In this work, we report the synthesis of two analogues of 2-(4-aminophenyl)benzothiazole (a compound that was found to elicit pronounced inhibitory effects against certain breast cancer cell lines in vitro) in which the phenyl ring has been substituted by a m-carborane cage. Two different synthetic… CONTINUE READING