• Chemistry
  • Published 1999

Synthesis And Antimicrobial Evaluation Of Some New 4 (3H)-Oxoquinazolinyl-Thiosemicarbazones

  title={Synthesis And Antimicrobial Evaluation Of Some New 4 (3H)-Oxoquinazolinyl-Thiosemicarbazones},
  author={G. V. R. Sarma and J. Harish and Bhojraj Suresh},
2,6,8-Trisubstituted-3-thiosemicarbazido-4(3H)-quinazolones(3)and (4), synthesized by the condensation of 3-amino-2,6,8-trisubstituted-4 (3H)-quinazolones (1 and 2) with carbon disulphide and hydrazine hydrate in presence of liquid ammonia, were reacted with arylaldehydes such as 4-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde, 2-furaldehyde and 2-naphthaldehyde to afford corresponding thiosemicarbazones (5-10). All these compounds were characterized by their analytical and spectral data. Some of them were found… CONTINUE READING