Synthesis , Structural Order and Magnetic Behavior of Self-Assembled "-Co Nanocrystal Arrays

  title={Synthesis , Structural Order and Magnetic Behavior of Self-Assembled "-Co Nanocrystal Arrays},
  author={V{\'i}ctor F. Puntes and Kannan M. Krishnan},
The synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles with monodispere size distributions, their self assembly into ordered arrays and their magnetic behavior as a function of structural order (ferrofluids and 2D assemblies) are presented. Magnetic colloids of monodispersed, passivated, cobalt nanocrystals were produced by the rapid pyrolysis of cobalt carbonyl in solution. The size, size distribution (std. dev. 5%) and the shape of the nanocrystals were controlled by varying the surfactant, its… CONTINUE READING


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