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Synthesis,composition determination and photosensitive property of potassium ferrioxalate

  title={Synthesis,composition determination and photosensitive property of potassium ferrioxalate},
  author={Ma Hui-xuan},
  journal={Applied Chemical Industry},
  • Ma Hui-xuan
  • Published 2011
  • Chemistry
  • Applied Chemical Industry
Using scrap iron and H2SO4 as raw materials,ammonium ferrous sulfate was prepared.Then the product reacted with oxalic acid and potassium oxalate to give potassium ferrioxalate.Solution pH value is based for the amount of oxalate.The crystal is obtained in the form of putting a cotton thread.Their structures were identified by chemistry analysis and IR spectra.It is proved that this method is correct.Under the direct sunlight,potassium ferrioxalate were decomposed to generate a yellow substance…