Synthesis,characterization and crystal structure of 3-(2-ferrocenylethyl)-2-ferrocenoylfuran

  title={Synthesis,characterization and crystal structure of 3-(2-ferrocenylethyl)-2-ferrocenoylfuran},
  author={Du Hong},
ferrocenylethyl) 2 ferrocenoylfuran was synthesized by the catalytic addition reaction of 2 furoylferrocene with vinylferrocene in the presence of RuH 2(CO)(PPh 3) 3 as catalyst.The detailed 1H NMR and MS data and figure of the product were given,and the elemental analysis result was also given.The crystal structure of the product was determined by single crystal X ray diffraction,belonging to a monoclinic crystal system with space group P2 1/C, a =1 716?6(3)?nm, b =0 946?2(2)?nm, c =1 480?1(3… CONTINUE READING