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Synthesis,Characterization and Thermal Behavior of Bis-2-methylimidazolium 1H,1′H-5,5′-Bistetrazole-1,1′-diolate

  title={Synthesis,Characterization and Thermal Behavior of Bis-2-methylimidazolium 1H,1′H-5,5′-Bistetrazole-1,1′-diolate},
  author={Shang Yu and Jin Bo and Peng Rufang and Liu Qiangqiang and Guo Zhi-cheng and Zhao Jun and Zhang Qingchun and Chu Shi-jin},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Explosives and Propellants},
A new energetic ionic salt,bis-2-methylimidazolium 1H,1H-5,5-bitetrazole-1,1-diolate(M2BTO),was synthesized using 1H,1′H-5,5′-bistetrazole-1,1′-diolate dihydrate(H2BTO·2H2O)and 2-methylimidazole as starting materials.Its structure was characterized by X-ray diffraction,FT-IR,1 H NMR,13 C NMR and elemental analyses.The thermal decomposition process and non-isothermal decomposition reaction kinetics of this energetic ionic salt were determined by differential scanning calorimeter(DSC)and… Expand