Synthesis, structure, chemical stability, and electrical properties of Nb-, Zr-, and Nb-codoped BaCeO3 perovskites.


We report the effect of donor-doped perovskite-type BaCeO(3) on the chemical stability in CO(2) and boiling H(2)O and electrical transport properties in various gas atmospheres that include ambient air, N(2), H(2), and wet and dry H(2). Formation of perovskite-like BaCe(1-x)Nb(x)O(3±δ) and BaCe(0.9-x)Zr(x)Nb(0.1)O(3±δ) (x = 0.1; 0.2) was confirmed using… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic201008v

10 Figures and Tables


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