Synthesis, structure, and unexpected magnetic properties of La3Re2O10.


The compound La(3)Re(2)O(10) has been synthesized by solid-state reaction and characterized by powder neutron diffraction, SQUID magnetometry, and heat capacity measurements. Its structure consists of isolated [Re(2)O(10)](9-) dimer units of two edge-shared ReO(6) octahedra, separated by La(3+) within the lattice. The Re-Re distance within the dimer units… (More)


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@article{Cuthbert2007SynthesisSA, title={Synthesis, structure, and unexpected magnetic properties of La3Re2O10.}, author={Heather L Cuthbert and John E Greedan and Ignacio Vargas-Baca and Shahab Derakhshan and Ian Peter Swainson}, journal={Inorganic chemistry}, year={2007}, volume={46 21}, pages={8739-45} }