Synthesis, liquid crystal characterization and photo-switching studies on fluorine substituted azobenzene based esters

  title={Synthesis, liquid crystal characterization and photo-switching studies on fluorine substituted azobenzene based esters},
  author={Siew Mei Gan and A. R. Yuvaraj and M. R. Lutfor and Mohd. Yusoff Mashitah and Hegde Gurumurthy},
  journal={RSC Advances},
A series of fluorinated azobenzene esters have been synthesized and studied by polarized optical microscopy (POM) and UV-Vis spectrophotometry. The –CO2C2H5 group with monofluoro-substituted azobenzene exhibited nematic and smectic phases whereas difluoro-substituted azobenzene showed only the nematic phase. The addition of the electronegative fluorine atom plays an important role in photoisomerization of the azobenzene molecules. The monofluoro-substituted azobenzene gave strong… 

Influence of lateral methyl/chloro substituents on the liquid crystalline and photoswitching behaviour of bent-core mesogens bearing azobenzene wings: synthesis and characterization

Herein, we report selectively designed, synthesized and characterized bent-core molecules bearing methyl and chloro substituents at the lateral positions on the phenyl rings of the azobenzene wings.

Synthesis and liquid crystalline behaviour of substituted (E)-phenyl-4-(phenyldiazenyl) benzoate derivatives and their photo switching ability

ABSTRACT Azobenzene derivatives containing phenyl/4-halogen-phenyl 4-{(E)-[4-(pent-4-en-1-yloxy)phenyl]diazenyl}benzoate group with different electronegative substituent (H, F, Cl, Br and I) at other

Photoisomerization behavior of photochromic amide-based azobenzene dyes exhibiting H-bonding effect: Synthesis and characterization

Amide linkage was introduced into azo compound at para position and its optical storage properties were investigated. Synthesized compounds showed liquid crystalline behavior when electron

Influence of inter- and intramolecular H-bonding on the mesomorphic and photoswitching behaviour of (E)-4-((4-(hexyloxy)phenyl)diazenyl)-N-phenyl benzamides

We report on the synthesis, phase behaviour and photoswitching studies of new azo linked rod-shaped molecules. These novel materials consist of three phenyl rings separated by a diazo, amide linkage



Photo-induced and thermal reactions in thin films of an azobenzene derivative on Bi(111)

Azobenzene is a prototypical molecular switch which can be interconverted with UV and visible light between a trans and a cis isomer in solution. While the ability to control their conformation with

Aliphatic/aromatic spacers based azo dye dimers: synthesis and application for optical storage devices

The photoisomerization effect of new bent-shaped azo dyes in the presence of aliphatic and aromatic spacers is reported for the first time. The synthesized compounds with n-hexane and benzene as

Photoisomerization in different classes of azobenzene.

This critical review details the studies completed to date on the 3 main classes of azobenzene derivatives and explains the mechanism behind the isomerization mechanism.

Using light to control physical properties of polymers and surfaces with azobenzene chromophores

Abstract Azobenzene chromophores can be switched between two geometric isomers using visible light. This photoisomerization is rapid, reversible, and of high quantum yield, and the wavelengths

Synthesis and mesophase behaviour of ionic liquid crystals

N-Alkyl-pyridinium derivatives 1–3 and N-alkyl-stilbazolium halides 4–6 with hydroxy, methoxy and hydrogen 4′-substituents and long non-branched alkyl chains (n = 14, 16, 18, 20, 22) were synthesized