Synthesis, characterization and catalytic behavior of functionalized mesoporous SBA-15 with various organo-silanes.

  title={Synthesis, characterization and catalytic behavior of functionalized mesoporous SBA-15 with various organo-silanes.},
  author={Alime Cıtak and Beyhan Erdem and Sezer Erdem and Ramis Mustafa Oks{\"u}zoğlu},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
  volume={369 1},
Mesoporous silica SBA-15 has been synthesized and functionalized by one-step synthesis method to widen their various application possibilities. In this study, phenyltrimethoxysilane (PTMS), 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane (MPTMS) and trimethoxypropylsilane (TMPS) were used as silane precursors for the functionalization, and after treated with HCl solution, their catalytic activities were evaluated in the lactic acid-methanol esterification. The presence of anchoring of functional groups on SBA… CONTINUE READING


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