Synthesis, characterization, and lactide polymerization activity of group 4 metal complexes containing two bis(phenolate) ligands.


A series of group 4 metal complexes Zr-(1)(2), Zr-(2)(2), Zr-(3)(2), Zr-(4)(2), Zr-(5)(2), Hf-(1)(2), and Hf-(4)(2) containing two bridged bis(phenolate) ligands of the (OSSO)-type were prepared by the reaction of the corresponding bis(phenol) and group 4 metal precursor MX(4) (X = O(i)Pr, CH(2)Ph) and isolated as robust, colorless crystals. NMR spectra… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic300271h


6 Figures and Tables