Synthesis, Reactivity, and Structure of [H(13)O(6)][PtCl(5)(H(4)O(2))].2(18-cr-6): A Crown Ether Complex of a Pentachloroaquaplatinic Acid with an [H(13)O(6)](+) Cation in a Cage of Three Crown Ether Molecules.


An aqueous solution of H(2)[PtCl(6)].6 H(2)O reacts with crown ether 18-crown-6 to give [H(13)O(6)][PtCl(5)(H(4)O(2))]. 2(18-cr-6)(1) (1) and (H(3)O)(2)[PtCl(6)].2(18-cr-6) (2a). In the presence of HCl, only 2a is formed; in an analogous manner, (H(3)O)(2)[PtCl(6)].2(15-cr-5).2 H(2)O (2b) and (H(3)O)(2)[PtCl(6)].2(DCH-18-cr-6)(1) (2c) were obtained. 1 is… (More)