Syntheses and conformational studies of poly‐β,N‐alkyl L‐asparagines

  title={Syntheses and conformational studies of poly‐$\beta$,N‐alkyl L‐asparagines},
  author={Tadao Hayakawa and H Yamamoto and Naomi Aoto},
Several β,N‐alkyl L‐asparagines were prepared from the phthalyl and benzyloxycarbonyl derivatives. High‐molecular‐weight poly‐β,N‐benzyl L‐asparagine and poly‐β,N‐(1)‐phenethyl L‐asparagine were prepared from the corresponding N‐carboxyanhy‐drides. From the results obtained by a study of the infrared absorption spectra and the optical rotatory dispersion, poly‐β‐N‐benzyl L‐asparagine was found to be a random coil structure in dichloroacetic acid and the optical rotatory dispersion curves… Expand
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The observation of the circular dichroism (240–290 mμ) due to the aromatic side chain indicates that, in a chloroform solution, even the side-chain aromatic rings of the copolyaspartate chain in theExpand