Syntheses, structures, and surface aromaticity of the new carbaalane [(AlH)(6)(AlNMe(3))(2)(CCH(2)R)(6)] (R = Ph, CH(2)SiMe(3)) and a stepwise functionalization of the inner and outer sphere of the cluster.


The reaction of the acetylene RC triple bond CH (R = Ph, CH(2)SiMe(3)) with an excess of AlH(3).NMe(3) in boiling toluene leads to the carbaalane [(AlH)(6)(AlNMe(3))(2)(CCH(2)R)(6)] (R = Ph 1, CH(2)SiMe(3) 2) in good yield. Treatment of 2 with BCl(3) under varying conditions gives the chlorinated products [(AlCl)(6)(AlNMe(3))(2)(CCH(2)CH(2)SiMe(3))(6)] 3… (More)


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