Syntax-prosody interface: Wh-movement in Jordanian Arabic and Egyptian Arabic *

  title={Syntax-prosody interface: Wh-movement in Jordanian Arabic and Egyptian Arabic *},
  author={Ayman S Yasin},
Ayman Yasin Purdue University ! ! Richards (2006, 2010) suggests that wh-movement is prosodically driven. His analysis is based on the position of the Comp(lementizer) and the marking of prosodic XP edges: if Comp is on one side and the language marks the opposite side of the XP, then the wh-phrase does not move since Comp and the wh-phrase can create a prosodic wh-domain. However, if the language marks one side of the XP and Comp is also on the same side, a single whdomain… CONTINUE READING


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