Syntax-guided synthesis

  title={Syntax-guided synthesis},
  author={Rajeev Alur and Rastislav Bod{\'i}k and Eric Dallal and Dana Fisman and Pranav Garg and Garvit Juniwal and Hadas Kress-Gazit and P. Madhusudan and Milo M. K. Martin and Mukund Raghothaman and Shambwaditya Saha and Sanjit A. Seshia and Rishabh Singh and Armando Solar-Lezama and Emina Torlak and Abhishek Udupa},
  journal={2013 Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design},
The classical formulation of the program-synthesis problem is to find a program that meets a correctness specification given as a logical formula. Recent work on program synthesis and program optimization illustrates many potential benefits of allowing the user to supplement the logical specification with a syntactic template that constrains the space of allowed implementations. Our goal is to identify the core computational problem common to these proposals in a logical framework. The input to… CONTINUE READING

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