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Syntax and defining equations for an interrupt mechanism in process algebra

  title={Syntax and defining equations for an interrupt mechanism in process algebra},
  author={Jcm Jos Baeten and Jan A. Bergstra and Jan Willem Klop},
A mechanism is introduced to describe priorities in ACP, the algebra of communicating processes, whereby some actions have priority over others in a non-deterministic choice (or sum). This mechanism can be used to model the working of interrupts in a distributed system. This is illustrated in an extensive example 
Specification of systems with interrupts
An extension that supports interrupts to an existing semantic framework is described and the applicability of the extension for describing and implementing systems is illustrated. Expand
The Semantics of Priority and Fairness in occam
  • G. Barrett
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics
  • 1989
An operational semantics for priority and fairness in occam is presented, based on the state transitions made by a transputer in the execution of an occam program. Expand
A Process Algebra with Distributed Priorities
A process algebra for distributed systems in which some actions may take precedence over others, which captures a notion of localized preemption and develops a behavioral congruence and axiomatize it for finite processes. Expand
A process creation mechanism in process algebra
An encapsulation operator Eφ is introduced that provides process algebra with a process creation mechanism that does not extend the defining power of the system 'ACP' with guarded recursion. Expand
A Process Calculus with Incomparable Priorities
An asynchronous process calculus in which priorities are as­ sociated to transitions is defined, and a prioritized bisimulation equivalence is defined and its relation to "the natural" congruence relation is discussed. Expand
Priorities in process algebras
  • R. Cleaveland, M. Hennessy
  • Computer Science
  • [1988] Proceedings. Third Annual Information Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
  • 1988
An operational semantics for an algebraic theory of concurrency that incorporates a notion of priority into the definition of the execution of actions and a complete axiomization is given for finite terms. Expand
Mode transfer in process algebra
This paper provides a systematic and full treatment of mode transfer operators in process algebra, including complete axiomatizations, operational rules, analysis of expressive power and extensionsExpand
Priorities for Modeling and Verifying Distributed Systems
This paper has implemented a CCS-based process algebra with priorities as a new front-end for the NCSU Concurrency Workbench, and uses model checking for verifying properties of the signaling system. Expand
A Calculus Based on Absence of Actions
In this article we present a process algebra where the behaviour can be speci ed when certain actions cannot be exhibited. This is useful in specifying time outs, interrupts etc. We present a fewExpand
A Tutorial on EMPA: A Theory of Concurrent Processes with Nondeterminism, Priorities, Probabilities and Time
We give an overview of EMPA, a process algebra for modeling and analyzing concurrent systems where nondeterminism, priorities, probabilities and time are present, aiming at a reasonable trade offExpand