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Syntactic Analysis of Phrasal Compounds in Corpora: a Challenge for NLP Tools

  title={Syntactic Analysis of Phrasal Compounds in Corpora: a Challenge for NLP Tools},
  author={C. Trips},
  • C. Trips
  • Published in LREC 2016
  • Computer Science
The paper introduces a “train once, use many” approach for the syntactic analysis of phrasal compounds (PC) of the type XP+N like “Would you like to sit on my knee. [...] Key Method This method contains the following steps: (a) the use an English state-of-the-art dependency parser with data comprising sentences with PCs from the British National Corpus (BNC), (b) the detection of parsing errors of PCs, (c) the separate treatment of the non-head structure using the same model, and (d) the attachment of the non…Expand
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