Synovial sarcoma. Inter-relationship of the biphasic and monophasic subtypes.

  title={Synovial sarcoma. Inter-relationship of the biphasic and monophasic subtypes.},
  author={Irving Dardick and S Ramjohn and Meirion J Thomas and Daniel Jeans and Samuel P. Hammar},
  journal={Pathology, research and practice},
  volume={187 7},
In order to assess minimum diagnostic criteria for synovial sarcoma, particularly the monophasic variety, and the inter-relationship between the monophasic and biphasic types, 32 examples were studied histologically, immunohistochemically (26 cases), and ultrastructurally (13 cases). Of the six biphasic synovial sarcomas examined by electron microscopy, the spindle cell component did not show evidence of epithelial differentiation or resemble the epithelial phase, but did appear fibroblastic… CONTINUE READING

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