Synovial fluid D-dimer concentration in foals with septic joint disease.

  title={Synovial fluid D-dimer concentration in foals with septic joint disease.},
  author={Tha{\"i}s Ribera and Lu{\'i}s Monreal and Lara Armengou and Jos{\'e} R{\'i}os and M. A. Edo Prades},
  journal={Journal of veterinary internal medicine},
  volume={25 5},
BACKGROUND Increased synovial fibrinolytic activity (detected by increases in synovial D-Dimer concentrations) has been observed in different joint diseases in humans and adult horses, presumably in order to minimize fibrin deposition within the joint and thus avoid its detrimental effects. OBJECTIVE To investigate fibrinolytic pathway activation in joint sepsis in foals by measuring synovial D-Dimer concentrations. ANIMALS Eighteen septic foals with septic joints, 9 septic foals without… CONTINUE READING


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