Synoptic study of the SMC SNRs using XMM-Newton

  title={Synoptic study of the SMC SNRs using XMM-Newton},
  author={K. J. van der Heyden and Johan A. M. Bleeker and Jelle S. Kaastra},
We present a detailed X-ray spectral analysis of 13 supernova remnants (SNR) in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). We apply both single-temperature non-equilibrium ionisation models and models based on the Sedov similarity solution, where applicable. We also present detailed X-ray images of individual SNRs, which reveal a range of different morphological features. are consistent with being in their Sedov evolutionary phase. IKT 6 and IKT 23 both have a clear shell like morphology with oxygen… CONTINUE READING