Synopsis of the Cochylini (Tortricidae: Tortricinae: Cochylini) of Iran, with the description of a new species

  title={Synopsis of the Cochylini (Tortricidae: Tortricinae: Cochylini) of Iran, with the description of a new species},
  author={Helen Alipanah},
Eighty-two species of Cochylini are recorded from Iran. Previous studies dealing with the tribe are summarized, and new data on the distribution of the Iranian species are provided. Aethes kandovana sp. n. is described; three genera, viz. Ceratoxanthis Razowski, Gynnidomorpha Turner, and Cochylidia Obraztsov, and the species Phtheochroa durbonana (Lhomme), P. syrtana Ragonot, P. inopiana (Haworth), P. decipiens (Walsingham), P. kenneli Obraztsov, P. subfumida (Falkovitsch), Cochylimorpha… 

List of Taxa

A new species of Ceratoxanthis Razowski, 1960 from Greece(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae, Tortricinae, Cochylini)

Ceratoxanthis giansalottii Bassi, sp. n. is described from Mount Kyllini, Northern Peloponnesus, Greece. Differences with closely related congeners are discu...

The biology of Gynnidomorpha permixtana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) on Sagittaria trifolia L. (Alismataceae) in paddy fields in Iran.

While testing the efficacy of herbicides on paddy weeds at the RRII in 2008, detailed investigation revealed physical damage of seeds caused by the larvae of Gynnido- morpha permixtana, which feed on the seeds and flowers of the host plant and destroy the achenes.

Notes on some Lepidoptera Tortricidae from Central Asia

Faunistic data of some Lepidoptera Tortricidae collected in mountainous localities of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenija are reported, finding some species of special biogeographical interest.