SynopSet: Multiscale Visual Abstraction Set for Explanatory Analysis of DNA Nanotechnology Simulations

  title={SynopSet: Multiscale Visual Abstraction Set for Explanatory Analysis of DNA Nanotechnology Simulations},
  author={Deng Luo and Alexandre Kouyoumdjian and Ondrej Strnad and Haichao Miao and Ivan Bari{\vs}i{\'c} and Ivan Viola},
We propose a new abstraction set (SynopSet) that has a continuum of visual representations for the explanatory analysis of molecular dynamics simulations (MDS) in the DNA nanotechnology domain. By re-purposing the commonly used progress bar and designing novel visuals, as well as transforming the data from the domain format to a format that better fits the newly designed visuals, we compose this new set of representations. This set is also designed to be capable of showing all spatial and… 

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