Synergy in the hybrid thermochemical-biological processes for liquid fuel production


For a successful large scale implementation of biomass-to-liquid fuel for transportation, it is imperative that production of liquid fuel from biomass be maximized. For this purpose, synergistic processes using energy from sustainable carbon-free energy sources are needed. In this paper, we present such novel integrated processes that, when compared to the known conventional conversionmethods, have potential to produce nearly three times more liquid fuel from a given quantity of biomass. The new processes treat biomass predominantly as carbon source and rely on the novel integrations to preserve carbon atoms during biomass conversion to liquid fuel.Wehave named such approach as hybrid hydrogen–carbon (H2CAR) process. Furthermore, we propose a novel synergistic integration between H CAR and fermentation proybrid hydrogen–carbon process

DOI: 10.1016/j.compchemeng.2009.06.026

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