Synergy between LRH-1 and beta-catenin induces G1 cyclin-mediated cell proliferation.

  title={Synergy between LRH-1 and beta-catenin induces G1 cyclin-mediated cell proliferation.},
  author={Oronza Antonietta Botrugno and Elisabeth Fayard and J S Annicotte and C{\'e}line Haby and Thomas E. Brennan and Olivia Wendling and Toshiya Tanaka and Tatsuhiko Kodama and Winston Thomas and Johan Auwerx and Kristina Schoonjans},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={15 4},
LRH-1 is an orphan nuclear receptor predominantly expressed in tissues of endodermal origin, where it controls development and cholesterol homeostasis. We show here that LRH-1 induces cell proliferation through the concomitant induction of cyclin D1 and E1, an effect that is potentiated by its interaction with beta-catenin. Whereas beta-catenin coactivates LRH-1 on the cyclin E1 promoter, LRH-1 acts as a potent tissue-restricted coactivator of beta-catenin on the cyclin D1 promoter. The… CONTINUE READING
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