Synergistic interactions of silkmoth chorion promoter-binding factors.

  title={Synergistic interactions of silkmoth chorion promoter-binding factors.},
  author={Yasir A W Skeiky and Kostas Iatrou},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={11 4},
Two DNA-binding proteins, BCFI and BCFII, that interact with defined promoter sequences of silkmoth chorion genes of late developmental specificity appear in the nuclei of follicular cells at a time that coincides with the transcriptional activation of the corresponding genes. BCFI prebinding is shown to be indispensable for stable binding of BCFII to its cognate sequence. BCFI and BCFII synergism requires a relatively stringent stereospecific alignment and is a prerequisite for the assembly of… CONTINUE READING

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