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Synergistic action of tiazofurin and genistein in human ovarian carcinoma cells.

  title={Synergistic action of tiazofurin and genistein in human ovarian carcinoma cells.},
  author={Wenting Li and G{\"u}nther Weber},
  journal={Oncology research},
  volume={10 3},
Tiazofurin, an oncolytic drug, reduces PI kinase activity and arrests chiefly in S phase. Genistein, an inhibitor of PIP kinase, tyrosine kinase, and topoisomerase-II, induces arrest in G2 and/or early M phase in most carcinoma cells. Both tiazofurin and genistein reduce second messenger IP3 concentration in ovarian carcinoma cells. Because genistein and tiazofurin attack different enzymic targets and arrest the cell cycle at different phases, we tested the hypothesis that tiazofurin might be… Expand
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Anticancer therapeutic potential of soy isoflavone, genistein.
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Down-regulation of increased signal transduction capacity in human cancer cells.
  • G. Weber
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Advances in enzyme regulation
  • 2005
The stringent linkage of signal transduction with neoplasia provides novel targets for clinical chemotherapy and is supported by the elevated concentration of IP3 in human colon, ovarian and breast carcinoma samples and rat hepatocellular carcinomas and sarcoma. Expand
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Investigation of the effects of genistein, AG1478, and AG1295, from the class of growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase (GFR-TK) inhibitors, on proliferation and colonigenic growth of 2 pediatric renal tumor cell lines found them to offer an effective alternative to the treatment of commonly fatal rhabdoid tumor of the kidney in children. Expand
Genistein combined polysaccharide enhances activity of docetaxel, bicalutamide and Src kinase inhibition in androgen‐dependent and independent prostate cancer cell lines
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Pharmacological activities of Genistein, an isoflavone from soy (Glycine max): part I--anti-cancer activity.
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